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Claims  and major complex loss management


Seanergy has a proven track record in loss adjudication of major complex losses and tax claims. The added value of Seanergy is in bridging the gap between finance and technology. Seanergy has the knowledge and hands on experience in large oil&gas and petrochemical industry related claims.


Do not hesitate to call when an incident occurred.


  • Renewal advise, setting insured sums

  • Major complex loss management

  • Define Claim protocol

  • Root cause analysis reporting

  • Technical damage reports

  • Compose claim on business interruption

  • Claims documentation

  • Negotiations

  • Final settlements


For insureds

Reference projects
Insurance claims
  • Capsizing of Rockdumping vessel 
  • CAR claim on new built crane
  • Claims on sinking of Estonia
  • Ship to ship collision 
  • Property damage and business interruption at a large chemical plant
  • Property damage at an oil refinery 
Tax claims:
Norwegian Tax office vs Offshore contractor 
Australian tax office vs Marine contractor
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