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Seanergy project portfolio


Our management services are controlling project portfolio's or control of individual large projects. We execute reviews of project in various stages for key decisions.


For insurance-purpose we perform risk reports and manage large claims for insurers or insured.




Currently we manage a large insurance claim for Shell Nederland Chemie at the Moerdijk facility after the incident at 3 June 2014.


In October a second and larger claim has been awarded to Seanergy.

For SBM Offshore we have redefined the governance structure of the FPSO-projects. We guided the FPSO's Cidade de Paraty and Cidade de Ilhabela from tender to completion certificate within time, budget and quality standard. 


Risk management has been implemented at SBM Offshore Schiedam.

For Van Oord we have managed the financial departmn]ent of the offshore division for many years with projects in wide range of countries from South east Asia to Canada.


Large tax claims have been settled in Norway, Canada & Australia and the administration has been upgraded to meet the newest standards. 

Seanergy has guided  the project control and estimation department of Heerema Marine contractors through turbulent flow of changes. In this period a complete new range of projects have been tendered, awarded and executed streching the existing organisation to the limits.    

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