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Seanergy is a specialist for oil&gas and petrochemical industry 


We execute reviews of projects in various stages for key decisionmakers. 


Seanergy controls project portfolio's and large capital techncial projects. We change existing or set up new governance structures for controlling projects.


After incidents we manage large claims for insurers or insured. For policy renewals we perform risk reviews and issue risk reports.

Seanergy manages large insurance claims for various companies in oil&gas industry and petrochemical manufactors. In past years we have managed various large claims: CAR, Hull& machinery, loss of hire, bad workmanships, property damage and business interruption claims 


Risk management can be implemented by Seanergy for supplier to the oil&gas industry. For policy renewal we perform risk reviews and issues risk reports.

Seanergy can define and implement change strategies to enhance control over the complete portfolio of projects. Board members can be given more grip on capital projects through consistent information by means of dashboards and reviews. Seanergy can lift project staff to new competence levels.   

Seanergy can provide your company with sound governance for project portofolios. We can redesign control structures or set up project control processes from scratch. 


We have developped templates for quick review of large projects enabling key gate decisions by board members. We can give you quick answer on crucial questions.



In interim periods we can manage day-to-day financial departments for suppliers to offshore and petrochemical industry. 

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